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Tips To Help Speed Up Resolution To Tickets

To help us provide you with a faster solution it is very important that the below four pieces of information are included in your ticket:

  1. Details of the issue
    Details are important so that we can understand the issue that you are experiencing. Please provide as much details as possible to describe the issue you are having including the date the issue started to happen. Providing screenshots is also very helpful in helping us to understand your issue.
  1. Error Details
    There are times when using STARLIMS that you may receive an error.  It is important to provide us with the details of the error.  Please open the ‘Error Details’ and copy the content and then paste into a txt file (such as Notepad) and attach to the ticket.  Do not take a screenshot of the error unless there are not any ‘Error Details’ OR if there is extra information related to the error that you would like to communication to us. 
  2. Steps to Reproduce
    There are many ways to do the same thing in STARLIMS so it is very important to provide the steps that were taken when the issue occurred.  By providing steps to reproduce the issue, it will help to speed up the resolution that we provide to you. 
  3. Log Files
    Log files are one of the most important components to help identify the cause of an issue.  Log files are a way for STARLIMS to communicate the errors that occur while using the system.  Please provide the User and Server log files for the user and date that the issue occurred.   Please see KB Article Log files locations for information on where to locate the log files.
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